S.P Hidayat (b. 1969)

S. P. Hidayat was born in Indramayu, west Java, in 1969. Majoring in fine arts at Indonesia Art Institute ( ISI ) Yogyakarta, he was awarded the best oil painting award in Faculty of Fine Art and Design ISI Yogyakarta in 1986. Since then, he has held more than 20 exhibitions consistently. This included a major solo exhibition held at the National Museum of Jakarta in 2005 where he launched his first publication - The best collection of S.P.Hidayat. He was also one the Best National 100th finalist of Philips Morris.
His work depicts the simple daily life being transformed into an inspirational piece. Undoubtedly, he has secured for himself an international client base spanning the globe such as Japan, America, Australia and Europe.